The particular sensitivity of our areas of activity demands a high degree of confidentiality. Awareness of this both provides an incentive and imposes an obligation.

Central to all our dealings is ensuring that our client enjoys a positive cost-benefit ratio. Experience shows that it often makes more commercial sense to take precautions in advance to avoid legal suits rather than to take legal action. In most cases advice from a solicitor at the time a contract is being drafted greatly strengthens a client’s position. Cautious drafting of a contract always pays dividends in the event of a dispute.

Where disputes occur, we represent the interests of our clients on a systematic and persistent basis. Our objective is always to put our client in a situation in which he or she can afford to be indulgent rather than be forced to be so. As far as we are concerned, the aim and purpose of a brief is the actual assertion of our clients’ interests with measurable results.

In principle we work as a team, which ensures that clients are able to talk to an informed contact at almost any time. Speed and efficiency are the key features of all our dealings. This means that we are equipped with all the modern aids to efficiency that our clients can expect of a modern service provider.
We provide our services in both German and English.